Join cyclists of all levels on an urban farmland adventure! Check out the Philadelphia farming scene from the seat of your bicycle and see what “local” is in its purest form – right in our own backyards! All proceeds benefit Weavers Way Community Programs (WWCP), the non-profit arm of the co-op.  Dedicated to educating Philly’s youth […]



Those of us in Mt. Airy with gardens have probably noticed how much less frequently we’ve needed to reach for a hose this year.  After a severe winter, our especially temperate summer has yielded gardens that are more lush than ever.  And after all the brief downpours we’ve been experiencing, the weeds are just a bit […]

2014 BlocktoberFest

Welcome to the 3rd Annual West Mt. Airy Neighbors BlocktoberFest  5-K Run and 2-K Run/Walk (Registration Page coming soon) Saturday, October 11, Rain or Shine $25 registration, $30 starting Gorgeous route through the tree-lined streets of West Mt. Airy Great prizes for top finishers Free T-shirts and race photos Start and finish location: Allens Lane […]


Lovett Mem. Library and Park – Redesign

Lovett Memorial Library Plans 21st Century Library Initiative For more information please go to Mt. Airy USA’s site, Go Mt. Airy ( Overview of Improvements   Additional 2,680 square feet for new children’s area with programming space New ADA entry way with reduced foot print for circulation desk Open living room space with custom shelving/comfortable […]

SPOTLIGHT ON Henry Houston School – 2013-14 School Year

by Marilyn Lambert, WMAN Board Member and Vice President, Community Affairs   Because of the budget crisis in 2013, our community joined forces with our neighborhood public schools to help minimize the impact of those cuts on the children.  At the beginning of the school year, the Mt. Airy Schools Coalition (MAUSA, WMAN, and EMAN) […]


by Abby Thaker, Mt. Airy USA As you’ve probably heard, the School District of Philadelphia has gone through extremely difficult budget cuts in recent years, while next year’s budget is uncertain as state legislators continue to negotiate. Yet in spite of these challenges, Mt. Airy’s public schools have continued to offer high quality programs thanks […]


The WMAN Zoning Committee is a good place to volunteer if you know and care about land use, development, architecture, planning, real estate legal issues.  The West Mt. Airy volunteers who serve on Zoning Committee, as one of the hardest working committees for WMAN, are mostly non-Board members. Only one volunteer is a WMAN Board […]

A Tree Grows at Lingelbach Elementary School

By James Gallagher, Science Teacher at Lingelbach Actually, it’s closer to 460 trees, give or take a few, according to a recent survey conducted by Bob Wells, Associate Director of Arboriculture at the Morris Arboretum.  Wells is working on creating a catalogue of tree species and tree sizes to be used in different class activities […]

Student Working #2

Henry, From My Eyes

By: Dominique Swift Hi, my name is Dominique Swift.  I am the student council president of C.W. Henry Elementary School.  I am 13 years old and in the 7th grade.  I’ve been attending Henry School since first grade.  This school is like my second home, and the teachers and my friends are a part of my family.  Next year, I […]


Tai Chi practice develops the mind, body, and spirit in powerful and connected ways. A growing number of scientific studies on the benefits of regular Tai Chi practice include sharpened cognitive abilities, strengthened immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems, and developed values of compassion, humility, and modesty. Mount Airy Tai Chi practices the Yang style 37 […]


Ned Wolf Park Plant Sale Thank you!

(Note from Yvonne Haskins:  This article is actually Eric Sternfels personal note to the volunteers who make up the Friends of Ned Wolf Park, gardeners and neighbors who toil year around to sustain this beautiful and unique paradise of a garden! It is posted to share the passion and spirit of these volunteers.)   At […]

Why Germans Came to Philadelphia

West Mt. Airy:  Yesterday and Today May, 2014 (Yesterday, Mt. Airy, Article 16) WHY GERMANS CAME TO PENNSYLVANIA by Susan Bockius   Download PDF  It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Susan Bockius, the author of this month’s Yesterday and Today column essay, entitled, Why Germans Came to Pennsylvania. Susan is a Mt. […]


Eat Your Heart Out! – Almost a Decade Old!

It was Fall, 2005 and West Mount Airy Neighbors was in need of an event.  They wanted an event that celebrated the diversity and friendliness of the neighborhood while raising some money to support the wonderful organization.  So, a small group of then WMAN board members sat around and threw out some ideas.   During the […]

Ned Wolf Park updates

Pollen & Dust (excerpted from NedWolfParkblogpost) Just 6 days and 25 degrees more warmth have elapsed since the last post!  This time, the air around Ned Wolf Park is full of sinus clogging particles.   They come from both Mother Nature as well as the steady progress of our contractors from Morning Dew Stonework as […]