Zoning + Development

West Mt. Airy Neighbors’ Zoning Committee has created a Zoning and Land Use Protocol to assist those who might require zoning variances or use certificates for projects in West Mt. Airy.

The purposes of the Zoning Committee are to review and make recommendations on issues relating to land use and development within West Mt. Airy, to facilitate community decision-making with regard to such proposals, and to advocate on behalf of the community before City authorities involved in land-use decision-making.

Zoning Committee meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Summit Presbyterian Church, Greene and Westview Streets. Please note that Zoning Committee meetings will only be held when the Committee is reviewing applications for zoning variances and/or use certificates.

Please call WMAN at (215) 242-2824 or email zoning@wman.net with any questions or to learn the date of the next Zoning Committee meeting.


Philadelphia Zoning Code Commission: www.zoningmatters.org


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