Ned Wolf Park Plant Sale Thank you!

(Note from Yvonne Haskins:  This article is actually Eric Sternfels personal note to the volunteers who make up the Friends of Ned Wolf Park, gardeners and neighbors who toil year around to sustain this beautiful and unique paradise of a garden! It is posted to share the passion and spirit of these volunteers.)


At the risk of clogging your in-boxes with repetition, I just really wanted to offer my personal “Thank You” for all your assistance at Saturday’s Plant Sale.  It takes many contributions from lots of good-spirited helpers to pull off what we do each year….looking easy to the outsiders.  And each year, I wonder if I’ve taken enough time to be sure everyone working hard is also feeling good about this great garden-community building event that we are increasingly becoming known for at Ned Wolf Park.  Not only on Sale day, but for weeks afterwards, I hear from our neighbors about how much they love our event and look forward to it each spring……how they appreciate the guidance we offer… interesting to see what bloomed on the mysterious plants they came home with…….and how well their purchased plants are doing years later!   I find those unsolicited expressions of ‘Thanks’ very gratifying, and so I surely want to pass them forward in hopes that you, too, will recognize your contribution to our unique way of “greening” Mt. Airy and beyond.


Eric Sternfels

Volunteer Plant Sale Coordinator

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