Henry, From My Eyes

By: Dominique Swift

Hi, my name is Dominique Swift.  I am the student council president of C.W. Henry Elementary School.  I am 13 years old and in the 7th grade.  I’ve been attending Henry School since first grade.  This school is like my second home, and the teachers and my friends are a part of my family.  Next year, I will shed a waterfall of tears at graduation.   Being at Henry has made me who I am now.  I used to be shy, but now I think out of the box and make my voice heard.  I even found my passion here and unlocked my talents since taking part in our brilliantly put-together plays, which our amazing music teacher Mrs. Paulino Trisdorfer (Ms. PT) puts together.  Mrs. PT is one of the first people who noticed my gift, and since then, she has supported me in improving and growing as a performer and a person.  The teachers at Henry believe in giving up on NO student; they want to see all succeed.

Henry is a school for everyone.  From thriving thespians, to spontaneous “sporties”, to wondrous wallflowers, Henry is a community for all.  Even with all of the budget cuts, the teachers still make sure the kids have a reason to look forward to coming to school.   With all of the trips and fun assemblies, we do look forward to coming!  C.W. Henry isn’t just a school of random people; we’re a community of hope and love.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, with anyone else.  I love C.W. Henry.

DominiqueSwift2.Dominique Swift

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