Tai Chi practice develops the mind, body, and spirit in powerful and connected ways. A growing number of scientific studies on the benefits of regular Tai Chi practice include sharpened cognitive abilities, strengthened immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems, and developed values of compassion, humility, and modesty.

Mount Airy Tai Chi practices the Yang style 37 Postures form, as created by Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing. They are affiliated with the Patience Tai Chi Association, founded in Brooklyn, NY, by Sifu Bill Phillips. Sifu Phillips is a direct student of Professor Cheng and was the youngest student authorized to teach at Professor Cheng’s school.

Zak Zaklad is the primary instructor at Mount Airy Tai Chi. He has been a practitioner of tai chi for 17 years and is in direct lineage to the originator of the form, Professor Cheng Man Ching, by way of Sifu William Phillips of Patience Tai Chi Association in Brooklyn.

Mount Airy Tai Chi offers tai chi training to all ages ARand all fitness levels at no cost.

For more information about Mount Airy Tai Chi, contact Zak at Azaklad@craftech.com or visit their Facebook page: http://tinyurl.com/ljxkphq

Tai Chi Class led by Zak Zaklad