The WMAN Zoning Committee is a good place to volunteer if you know and care about land use, development, architecture, planning, real estate legal issues. The West Mt. Airy volunteers who serve on Zoning Committee, as one of the hardest working committees for WMAN, are mostly non-Board members. These volunteers are listed below:

Ralph Pinkus, Esquire (Chair)
Susan Dannenberg (Vice Chair)
Francine Donato, Esquire
James Flaherty
Jarma Frisby
Brian Hester
Yvonne Haskins, Esquire
Tom Hutt, Esquire
Chloe Maryam Mohr
Kristin McFeeley
Morris Zimmerman, AIA

The WMAN Zoning Committee meets regularly on the first Wednesday of every month, 7:00pm at Summit Church whenever there are zoning applications to be reviewed. Enter from the Greene Street Courtyard red door and walk up to the 2nd floor. The material posted at this link from the City Planning Commission provide the basic requirements for all zoning applicants and Registered Community Organizations in connection with the review and processing of applications for zoning variances.

Registered Community Organizations informational PDF.


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