Those of us in Mt. Airy with gardens have probably noticed how much less frequently we’ve needed to reach for a hose this year.  After a severe winter, our especially temperate summer has yielded gardens that are more lush than ever.  And after all the brief downpours we’ve been experiencing, the weeds are just a bit easier to pull out and those gardeners in-the-know have taken full advantage.
While blazing heat in July and August normally has us retreating into air-conditioned comfort, we should take full advantage of this year’s pleasant weather and spend a little more time outdoors and on foot, appreciating our neighborhood’s exceptional homes and gardens.

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Whether it’s the diverse age of the local homesteads or the culture/values we’ve cultivated, the green cityscape of West Mt. Airy is especially rich as compared to places of similar density – locally and across the U. S. of A.  Take a walk and you will see fewer homes barricaded behind evergreen foundation plantings and tightly clipped hedges.  Instead, our gardens include a surprising variety of flowering perennials, deciduous shrubs, ferns, ornamental grasses, annuals, and bulbs.  Our lawns, while green and generally tidy, don’t seem to exclude any sort of invading weed, anathema to so many outside our NW limits.  So, who realized that when we tout our rich local diversity that it encompasses our botanical surroundings, too?!?   Now, before the sun starts setting too early to squeeze it into our busy schedules, let’s go out there to observe and enjoy the beauty around the block and in our own backyard.

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