By Michael Ramberg


Until recently, I was among the many parents with no idea of the good things happening at Henry Houston K-8 public school on Allens Lane in West Mt Airy, my neighborhood school. With my daughter starting kindergarten next fall, I got together with some other parents in the neighborhood and started “Considering Houston,” modeled after the long-running “Considering Henry” group. Our goal is to provide participants with the information they need to make an informed school choice.


So far Considering Houston has made contact with more than 20 families with kids who could enroll at Houston in the next one to two years. Nine families were represented at our first meeting, and members of nine families attended the first meeting at the end of September that featured parents of current Houston students talking about their experience with the school. A few more families participated in a recent tour of Houston.


Here are some of the good things we have seen and heard about Houston:

  •  strong, caring teachers
  •  students who care for each other–kindergarteners hug each other in the morning!
  •  reasonable class sizes
  •  a dynamic new principal
  •  a high-tech recording studio which produces CDs featuring anti-bullying messages and student-created podcasts
  •  a library that volunteers staff to check out books to students
  •  zero-tolerance for bullying
  •  the best playground in Mt Airy
  •  parent involvement through Home and School Association and a School Advisory Council


We are expecting to add to this list in our future meetings and tours and invite you to join us.


See below for the dates of our future meetings, which will feature other Houston staff and leading volunteers. All of meetings will happen at 115 W Mt. Pleasant Ave., Apt. 1, 8-9:30 pm. Unfortunately, we cannot provide childcare.

Thursday, January 8th

Thursday, March 19th

Thursday, May 7th


There will also be regular monthly tours of Houston starting soon. Stay tuned for more information.

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