Membership Matters!



Dear West Mt. Airy Neighbor—

Many things make our Mt. Airy neighborhood a great place to live:

  • Its beauty: native oaks sheltering birds in Carpenter’s Woods, along our streets, and in our yards…
  • Its proximity to Wissahickon Creek…
  • Its vibrant businesses—from bookstores to bakeries to brew pubs…

These and so many other wonderful things make our neighborhood great, but what will help maintain a desirable quality of life and solid property values? What will connect the community through events like Eat Your Heart Out, Blocktoberfest, and (in partnership with East Mt. Airy Neighbors) Mt. Airy Day? What will sustain West Mt Airy’s greatness? The answer is you and West Mt. Airy Neighbors (WMAN).
For fifty-five years, WMAN has been the glue that holds our community together. To continue its work of informing, connecting, and upholding OUR neighborhood, WMAN needs YOUR support.
We are a small organization with a modest budget and we count on membership dollars to carry out our mission as a community-based, volunteer organization committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in our richly diverse urban neighborhood. To coin a phrase, Membership Matters—Join WMAN Today!
· Individual Membership: $30.00

· Senior (65 and older) or Student Membership: $25.00

· Family Membership: $50.00

· Business Membership: $100.00

To join please go to our membership page. Together, we can reach our goal of 500 new and renewing members by June 30th! Please help us realize a strong finish this fiscal year; join WMAN today, and please tell your neighbors to do the same!