Gateway Looks Great!


Hello Everyone,
“Gateway looks great.  You make our neighborhood look beautiful. “  
That was the greeting I received from a friend last night at the gym.  It meant a lot to me, as it should to all of you who have been involved one way or another since 2009 in the Gateway Project at Lincoln Drive and Johnson Street. We have made a difference and people notice.
Above is a link to photos of sheet mulching Gateway on Saturday June 20th.  Nineteen generous neighbors ( Patrick Arkin, Karima Bouchenafa, Sharon Corbin, David Dannenberg, Dena Dannenberg (who baked us cookies), Susan Dannenberg, Carol Davis, Michelle DuSold, Carol Graeber, Lisa Handler, Bill Hudson, Marty Hudson, Dick Kessler, Doris Kessler, Laura Siena, Bob Simon, Petra Termini and Carissa Weibley,  with David Bower from the Department of Parks and Recreation supervising)  took three hours from their own gardens to ‘garden’ one of our shared public spaces.  Their generosity was impressive, as were the results of their efforts.
Volunteers made great progress in permanently eradicating weeds and volunteer trees obstructing Gateway sight lines.  Planted areas near the pergolas were weeded and edged showing off the gloriously blooming white native hydrangeas to best advantage. Trash was picked up and even the sidewalks were weeded.  We can take pride in this entrance to our community which will, with installation of trelliswork atop the piers, become even more impressive.
Special thanks to David Dannenberg and Friends of the Wissahickon for supplying and operating a fantastic machine somewhat problematically named the Ditch Witch SK500.  Without it the job would have taken much, much longer.
We plan on mulching the rest of the area in this fall. Two truck loads of wood chips weren’t enough. In addition, it would be wonderful to paint the fence, which , as you can see in the photos, is much more of an eyesore now than before.  It is not a hard job. Please get in touch with Doris if you have a few hours to work on that this summer. 
Matching funds from Councilwoman Bass’s office continue moving through the pipeline. Pat Moran has been doggedly staying on top of the process.  PeterDiCarlo, the architect for this project, is taking the lead identifying and selecting a firm to fabricate and install the trelliswork.  The Committee is in discussion with the City about repairs to the recently damaged wall of the west pergola.  The damage was done, sadly, right after restoration was completed.
We look forward to a dedication some time this fall.
Gateway is moving ahead.  On Saturday we took another significant step forward and have our wonderful volunteers to thank for that.
Doris Kessler and Pat Moran
for the Gateway Committee