Streetscapes – Fall Workday at Gateway

Saturday morning October 10, eleven volunteers, including a group of alumni from Princeton University, gathered at the Gateway Project site, Lincoln Drive and Johnson Street to weed, pick up trash and mulch.   The group made significant progress in controlling invasive weeds, which were obstructing views of the site and presented an obstacle to further planting with native species.

THANK YOU David Bower, Sharon Corbin, David Dannenberg, Leigh Ferreira, Dick Kessler, Doris Kessler, Pat Moran, Alyssa Perry, Patrick Purdy, Vivian Rowe, and Jessica Sheehan.


Saturday’s work also cleared the site’s fence line, making it easier to paint.  The committee hopes to do that this fall and encourages anyone willing to do an afternoon of painting to get in touch with Doris Kessler at  It’s amazing what a coat of black paint will do to make the rusty fence fade into the background.


Scott Walker of Axe Handle Timber is at work fabricating the trelliswork that will crown the two Gateway pillars.  Look forward to a dedication when his work is complete. Last Saturday’s work will make sure that the pillars have an appropriately attractive and environmentally healthy setting.

Doris Kessler



David Dannenberg operating the ‘Ditch Witch’ generously lent by the Friends of the Wissahickon.

Mulch was provided by the Department of Parks and Recreation.
Pat Moran, who initiated this project in 2009.
Sharon Corbin, one of our Streetscapes stalwarts.
Vivian Rowe planted a lot of pansies.
Parks and recreation Volunteer Coordinator David Bower.
Dave Bower and the Princeton volunteers wrapping it up in the adjacent Lingelbach Woods.
Last year this was a weed patch.  The fence is awaiting painting.
Plantings freshly mulched
Pansies for some fall color