WMAN 2016 Membership Campaign

Dear West Mt. Airy Neighbor,

WMAN has been active in the lives of West Mount Airy residents for more than 50 years. We are proud of our history and excited for our future. As a small organization with a modest budget, we count on our members to carry out the mission. At this time, we ask you to consider renewing your membership with WMAN so that we can contine to be a force in the neighborhood striving to carry out our mission of preserving and enhancing the quality of life in this richly diverse urban neighborhood.

WMAN is consistenly involved with neighborhood concerns, zoning issues, street beautification and neighborhood schools. WMAN regularly fields phone calls from neighbors in challenging situations that are affecting their quality of life. WMAN is there to help by bringing neighbors together to facilitate communication or by connecting people to the appropriate city agencies or other resources.

West Mount Airy residents needing a zoning variance come before our Zoning Committee which is charged with the responsibility to review appeals to the Zoning Board. Our Zoning Committee is composed of experienced volunteers who give residents a fair hearing and consider all of the relevant factors before making a recommendation.

In addition, to its ongoing work of promoting the planting of new street trees, our Streetscapes committee proudly takes responsibility for the completion of the Lincoln Drive Gateway Project. There are now two beautiful pergolas with magnificent wooden structures welcoming people to West Mount Airy as they slow down for the Johnson Street traffic light. Streetscapes also provides much needed maintenance and weeding of highly visible locations such as Emlen Circle.

WMAN collaborates with the local public schools in several ways. In the Fall of 2015, we began a new collaboration with the Henry School’s 5K Run, the Turkey Trot. Recently, we sponsored the Henry Fun Fit Fest. WMAN has had a long association with the group that built and maintains the Houston School playground, the Friends of Houston Playground. In addition, WMAN Board members and staff sit on the Mt Airy Schools Coalition with MAUSA and EMAN to facilitate strategic investment of the community members and financial resources to support public schools.

Your membership makes a big difference! WMAN needs your help to to continue its important work and fund new initiatives. Please join WMAN today. Thank you!

  • Individual Membership: $30.00
  • Family Membership: $50.00
  • Senior or Apartment Membership Rate: $20.00
  • Business Membership: $100.00
  • Sustaining Membership: $125.00
  • Friend of Mt. Airy: $250.00
  • Benefactor: $500.00

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Thankful for your support,

Trish Callahan Murzyn,  Executive Director

Della Lazarus,  Board President