Streetscapes Update

June 24, 2017
Streetscapes volunteers David Bower and Dick Kessler erecting temporary deer fence at
the Gateway Project (Lincoln Drive and Johnson Street) to protect recently planted shrubs.

April 22, 2017 Planting and Workday Summary,

Dear Volunteers,
The rain stayed away and you didn’t.  That was the recipe for our successful and productive street tree planting and clean-up day Saturday, April 22.  It was the 21st time we’ve worked together since 2007.  We’ve planted 582 trees and greatly improved the appearance of local focal points such as Emlen Circle (Emlen Street and Lincoln Drive), Gateway (Lincoln Drive and Johnson Street) and Neighborwoods (Lincoln Drive and Allen Lane).  We see the effects of our work in every corner of the community.
Contributing to our success were: Brenda Beiser, Ken Beiser, Linda Berger, Sharon Corbin, David Dannenberg, Dena Dannenberg, Carol Davis,  Michelle Du Sold, Carol Graeber, Louise Hayes, State Sen. Art Haywood, Bill Hudson, Marty Hudson, Allyson Katzman, Doris Kessler, Richard Kessler, Steve Lander, Brenda Lazin, Janet Lippincott,  Dan Mercer, Robin Miller, Ruth Neifeld, Sophia Ortega, Will Ortega, Michele Peale, Paul Piechoski, Curt Pontz, Marin Richeson, Vivian Rowe, Bob Simon, Kevin Stutler, Barbara Torode, Bea Weidner, Wendy Willard, Jill Wolfe, and Amanda and Owen Ziegert.
The award for coming the longest distance goes to former Mt Airyite Kevin Stutler who joined us from Marietta, Ohio.  Not far behind was Steve Lander from Edgewater New Jersey…and then there was Marin Richeson who faithfully returns to us from Ardmore twice a year and brings friends.  Our volunteers are a very dedicated group of tree huggers.
We were honored by the participation of State Senator Art Haywood who, along with his shovel, joined the planting group on Phil Ellena Street and planted two trees.  We were delighted to show him our work first hand and greatly appreciate his making the time to join us.
Another highlight of the event was the debut of Streetscapes T-shirts which feature our new logo on the back.  Logo designer is local artist Bea Weidner who generously donated her skill and time to create this playful image to represent what we do and the spirit in which we do it.  Thank you, Bea. (We have a few left to distribute to anyone who volunteered but did not receive one.)
We thank Craig Stover, director of the Allen Lane Art Center for allowing us to use the facility to stage this event.  Having a comfortable and convenient space to gather makes organizing much easier.
For the statistically minded; we planted seven street trees, removed 20 bags of weeds from Emlen Circle and spread 25 bags of mulch, removed winter debris, weeded and swept Neighborwoods, and pruned young trees at the Allen Lane Art Center. As you know, this is just the beginning.  Work is ongoing and we need you over the summer.  Please let us know if you have some time to give to any of our projects.
Hope to see you on November 18, our fall planting day.
Thank you all,
Carol Graeber, Louise Hayes, Doris Kessler, Mia Mengucci and Vivian Rowe
WMAN Streetscapes Committee

Carting off weeds in style.

Working at Emlen Circle.

Digging this tree pit was the most challenging ever.

Senator Haywood (in yellow) with his team.



















April 1, 2017: Streetscapes volunteer Dick Kessler loading up bags of trash picked up near the
 intersection of Lincoln Drive and Johnson Street, site of the Gateway Project.  The intersection
 is a magnet for all sorts of debris and needs frequent cleaning.  Dick and former Parks and Recreation
 Volunteer Coordinator David Bower can often be seen here with their trash picker sticks.  If you want to help
contact  It’s work that can be done on your own time and at your own pace.