Streetscapes Tree Planting Update – Pics and Thank You!

Dear Volunteers,

Thanks to your great work, West Mount Airy has 20 new trees. Thirty-three volunteers in five

planting crews got all the trees in the ground before the rain started around noon. Only one

group ran into difficulties, but with tenacity found a spot without boulders for their final


Since 2007, we’ve planted 602 trees over 22 planting days. Our neighborhood is greener and

lovelier for all our work.

Helping out this time were: Katie Bartling, Lis Bass, Thomas Bulzacchelli, Sharon Corbin,

Casey Cummings, David Dannenberg, Carol Davis, Peter Hayes, Rachel Hoppins, Bill

Hudson, Marty Hudson, Lindsey Kane, Mark Klempner, Liz Kyle, Brenda Lazin, Ken LeRoy,

Vanessa Lowe, Robin Miller, Hafiz Noorani (aged 4), Husein Noorani, David Noric, Ethan

O’Grady, Paul Piechoski, Bob Simon, Kevin Stutler, Petra Termini, Barbara Torode, Mark

Winicor, and Jill Wolfe.

We are again very grateful to Craig Stover, director of the Allens Lane Art Center, for allowing

us to use the facility to stage this event. And we also want to thank High Point Café for

providing us with coffee to fuel our planting as well as Weaver’s Way Co-Op, which donated

lunches for hungry planters.

We couldn’t continue to do it without all your help!

Hope to see you on April 21, our Spring Cleanup and planting day.

Thank you all,

Carol Graeber, Louise Hayes, Doris Kessler, Mia Mengucci and Vivian Rowe

WMAN Streetscapes Committee