West Mt. Airy Neighbors (WMAN) provides a community forum for:

  • COMMUNITY PROBLEM SOLVING through our Quality of Life Committee and ad hoc community meetings;
  • COMMUNICATIONS through our website, eNewsletters, and safety alerts;
  • VOLUNTEERS TO ORGANIZE FOR COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT such as through our Streetscapes Committee; and


Download Board Nomination Forms here.


West Mt. Airy Neighbors works closely with its sister organization, East Mt. Airy Neighbors, on a wide range of projects, including the Mt. Airy Neighborhood Alliance and the annual Mt. Airy Day each May.

To learn more about West Mt. Airy Neighbors and our ongoing activities, check out our WMAN Programs page and click here for our Financial Reports


WMAN was founded in 1959 to create and sustain West Mt. Airy as a racially integrated community.  It was founded by George Schermer, the first Director of Philadelphia’s Human Relations Commission, and other neighbors concerned with white flight and block busting.

From the beginning, West Mt. Airy Neighbors has sought to make its community a welcoming home for all people. To this day, West Mt. Airy remains one of the few stable, racially integrated communities in the United States.

As such, it has been the subject of academic research and numerous newspaper and magazine articles.  Long-time West Mt. Airy Neighbors’ board member Pat Henning compiled an extensive bibliography on Mt. Airy.