Quality of Life Committee

The purpose of West Mt. Airy Neighbors’ Quality of Life Committee is:

  • to facilitate neighborhood responses to a variety of issues which affect the quality of life of residents; and
  • to pool our knowledge, resources, and networks to work effectively in promoting public safety and enhancing the natural environment throughout West Mt. Airy.


Any neighbor is welcome to bring his/her quality of life concern(s) to this Committee, and the Committee will work to solve the problem(s).  Recent examples of issues and concerns brought to the committee include speeding on area roads, teens and crime, and street lighting.

For info on how an individual resident can get help with an issue affecting him or her directly, email WMAN’s Executive Director at wman@wman.net.

Ongoing Projects:

Graffiti Removal
Ned Wolf Park Project
Streetscapes Committee
Virtual Block Captain Program
Zoning Committee